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eBeamRocks Your Place For Interactive, Collaborative and Sharing Solutions

Ideas, Plans, Drawings, Sketches, Client Reviews, Teaching, Training . . . All of these functions require the sharing of ideas and thoughts.  With the speed of work and school today we have less time to be frustrated by the lack of information flow.  eBeam and Equil help to eliminate this frustration by making it easy to share information effortlessly.

Equil Smartmarker

Equil Smartmarker uses your white board surfaces and flip charts whether they are a white board, painted wall, table, flip chart, virtually any surface you can use a dry erase pen on you can use the Smartmarker. Notes and Sketches are instantly transferred to your devices (Operating Systems supported are PC, MAC, IOS and Android).  

eBeam Edge Plus

With eBeam Edge Plus you can do the same thing only with a Whiteboard, Flipchart, Painted Whiteboard Wall, Glass Wall, etc.  If you are using a projection of your desktop or large flatscreen monitor or tv you can instantly convert the surface into a touchscreen using the supplied pen or stylus.  

Your whole world is about to change because of these fantastic tools. 

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    Don’t Let Technology Hold You Back In Sharing Your Ideas and Plans

    June 30, 2015

    For all the technology that’s in the world, the best ideas are developed with simple pen, paper and whiteboards The challenge is getting these ideas, sketches, plans, drawings, etc. from the “drawing boards” into the digital world. eBeam solves this challenge. You spend hours of time collaborating, meeting, brainstorming, sweating details, making revisions, practicing presentations, fine tuning ideas, etc. etc. Most often this work is done on flip charts, pads of paper, whiteboards and whiteboard painted walls. These are the best tools to use. They provide a large space to gather ideas. Lots of people can work on them together, the biggest ideas command the biggest spaces to develop. Too often these game changing ideas are “locked” onto the paper... Continue Reading →

    Put Away Your Camera and Grab Smartmarker

    May 08, 2015

    Equil Smartmarker is here. Now instantly capture EVERYTHING you write on your Whiteboard Whiteboard painted wall Glass board Flip Chart Laminate table tops Anything you write on to express ideas, brainstorm, strategize etc. Smartmarker is your go to tool to share these ideas. With the largest capture area in the market you can use it on regular size whiteboards, up to 8' x 5' or the really big ones and capture an area 16'w x 5' high.  Instantly send the details of your whiteboard to all of your devices, PC, MAC, IOS and Android. Stream your notes to everyone in attendance and everyone listening in through the streaming function (currently FREE) Your notes are no longer stuck on the whiteboard... Continue Reading →

    Announcing Equil Smartmarker

    March 20, 2015

    Announcing Equil Smartmarker For years business has had the frustration of creating GREAT things on whiteboards, whiteboard surfaces and flip charts, and not being able to use them once they are done. Taking pictures has been a go to strategy but all you end up with is an image of what was done.  I mean, how much detail can you really get of a 4’ x 8’ board with a tiny picture? Having someone transcribe the details as they are written is another option. Yes you can get all of the details, but you have simply transferred the stuff from the whiteboard to a piece of paper. It’s still a flat one dimensional image of what was there. Although the... Continue Reading →

    Innovation Tools

    February 03, 2015

    In today's business environment tools are an essential part of success companies. With the right tools you can improve the productivity of each person and with that comes a potential geometric increase in the overall productivity. Now there certainly is a point of diminishing returns with the gains, but if you don't start working with something you won't get any gains. Since is a product centered website we want to discuss some of the tools that are available in the products category that may help you.  The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phenomenon is just getting started and we will see over the coming years more companies embracing employees/associates/team members bringing their own devices to work. This does a... Continue Reading →