May 11, 2017

Creating Interactive Spaces

Since the dawn of time man has sought ways to communicate ideas.

It started with showing the locations of food or enemies and probably evolved into the honeydo list of cleaning out the cave or gathering the brontosaurus burgers for Ugggh’s weekend blow out at the lake.

It moved into story telling of great societies and included color.

From there the invention of writing on crude paper with the new invention of ink.

Chalkboards showed up somewhere in the 1800’s and now we could share ideas with larger groups of people in what became the first interactive settings.

Whiteboards showed up in the late 1950’s but didn’t take off until the dry erase markers were invented in the mid 70’s. From that time on things began to heat up. The invention of the whiteboard paint to cover walls arrived around 2010 and as soon as it was proven viable copycat products started showing up from lots of vendors.

Whiteboards are a thriving business, just ask any of the manufacturers. Even with all of the current great technological breakthroughs and the lower costs of big screen TVs and monitors the “go to” device to develop and share ideas is the whiteboard.

The connection between the mind and hand as you write, draw and express ideas and thoughts is almost magical. You don’t get the same experience or bump in creativity working on your electronic device that you do with a whiteboard and dry erase marker.

Whiteboards are used in every part of the community. You find them in:

  • Classrooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Training rooms
  • Offices
  • Laboratories
  • Production plants
  • Libraries
  • Convention centers

Whiteboards have given way to the next version which is the glassboard. This just takes the aesthetics to a new level with a classier feel but it does essentially the same thing, allow you to develop and share ideas.

Whiteboards are great but their biggest draw back still remains. Once you put something on the board, it’s stuck. You can’t change it without destroying it. You can take a picture of it. But to view or use the information you’ll have to redraw it.

First, that’s crazy and second, it’s a HUGE waste of time. Don’t even get us started on the signs drawn or posted indicating erasure of the board will lead to a horrible and painful death.

eBeam Smartmarker changes all of this.Smartmarker on a small whiteboard in a meeting

First, Smartmarker use the same dry erase markers to draw with. The markers are inserted into the Smartmarker pen sleeve. When the receiver is placed on the board and the pen sleeve is connected to it MAGIC happens.

When you write, draw, doodle, express ideas . . . ALL and we do mean ALL of your pen strokes are captured by the receiver as a digital copy of what you’ve place on the board. This happens instantly so you have zero downtime in setting up and using this fantastic tool.

Now, full disclosure time. There is one thing you have to do when you are using the Smartmarker. Each time you start a new board or page you have to push the button on the receiver to create a new digital page, that’s it, very simple. If you don’t you will have one very messy digital page.

With the Smartmarker device you can hold up to 20,000 pages in memory before downloading them. Of course we suggest that you subscribe to the philosophy of “save early, save often.” We do because you know that “stuff” happens with technology.

So, whenever possible we recommend that you connect to your favorite device and watch your creations show up on the screen through the use of the Notes application. Everything you do is transmitted to your device exactly as you’ve drawn it.

So what devices can you use? Smartmarker is compatible with:

  • Windows
  • MAC
  • iOS devices (iPhone, iPad)
  • Android

So pretty much anything you might use can be connected to the Smartmarker.

The challenge in the 1970s that still exists today in is the ability to share your whiteboard space with people that are not physically present. Here is another place that Smartmarker shines bright.

You can create a meeting using your device that people present and anywhere in the world can connect to through the power of the internet. Using their device and soon just a web browser, they can see everything that is being done in real time.

Once you’ve collected the information on your device then other magic can take over in the form of editing your whiteboard stuff, but that is for another time.

So, you see that Smartmarker is the answer to a lot of problems facing business, education, management, research and a host of other disciplines. For more information pop over to our pages on the Smartmarker products and check them out. You’ll also find some great videos on the products.

You can find this at:

May 04, 2017

What is eBeam - Part 2

In our last post, we started the discussion of “what is eBeam.” If you recall we discussed the various aspects of the hardware and software that makes up the product line and we delved into the eBeam Smartmarker to kick off of discussion. You can find that post here

So now we turn to eBeam Edge Plus.

Edge Plus is the main product line, it’s the big daddy, the one everyone aspires to be. Where the Smartmarker allows you to digitally “capture” everything you place on your board or surface and conduct meetings . . . Edge Plus lets you run your computer from any hard surface you can show or project your desktop on:

  • So if you’re fond of using big screen TV’s to show your computer you can turn the tv into a digital touch screen.
  • If you like to project your computer onto a wall, whiteboard or other surface you can turn that surface into a digital touch screen.

With Edge Plus you’re able to use the stylus and the receiver and do everything on your computer from your projected surface or large monitor/TV that you would if you were working directly at your computer.

The hardware works with a receiver, it looks like this:

eBeam Edge Plus Receiver on LCD Screen Bracket

And the Pen / Stylus, looks like this:

eBeam Edge Plus Stylus

The receiver sits on the surface and picks up signals from the stylus.

The stylus is your mouse and has all the functions of the mouse. But the stylus also acts like a pen (depending on the program being used) where you can draw, highlight and erase objects just like you might with a pen.

The space that you can cover with the Edge Plus is up to 9’wide and 5’high. . .this is larger than any other device on the market which makes it unique. When you also discover that you can use both sides of the receiver this space turns into a whopping 18' wide and 5' high area.

What also makes it unique is it doesn’t require any specialized equipment added to it.

eBeam Edge Plus Pickup Area

Where many manufacturers of interactive whiteboards require you to use their boards and projectors, Edge Plus doesn’t care, they’re all compatible because it doesn’t depend on that technology to work. So, use your existing:

  • Whiteboard or drywall
  • Projector
  • Computer

It’s all good, just add our hardware and your off and running.

The question comes up often, “what programs can I use with the Edge Plus.”

The answer is simple, “any program that can use a mouse and keyboard” which is pretty much every program. There’s a misunderstanding that the Edge Plus is limited to some programs . . . it’s not.

With Edge Plus you’re able to create online meetings where you’re sharing the contents of the digital whiteboard program (Scrapbook) much like you’re able to with Smartmarker only the Edge Plus programs are more powerful. As you draw and develop your content in the meeting attendees can view and interact (if permitted) while the meeting is open. If you’re discussing a technical issue and a remote viewer wants to add details, everyone can see what is added. This is possible because you’re interfacing with your computer desktop so everyone can play along if you let them.

Once the meeting is over everyone can keep their copy of the Scrapbook program file and you can also save it in multiple different formats as well.

Edge Plus is not limited to just the use of interacting with your desktop. With the use of the Marker Pack accessory (or when purchased as the Complete product) you’re able to use the hardware on a plain ole whiteboard. This truly extends the capability of the product.

With Whiteboard you digitally capture everything that you’re writing on the board. Every stroke, idea, thought, diagram, etc. is converted into a digital picture on your computer. From there you can add, change, copy, paste, save in multiple formats and distribute the work. This takes your whiteboarding and collaboration to a whole new level.

Now to truly blow your mind you can also use the Edge Plus receiver to simultaneously run your computer on one side and have a whiteboard session on the other. Now we’re really cooking. But to show that we’re going to do a video so you can see how this works.

Intrigued aren’t you. We thought you would be. These are powerful tools and once you start using them you’ll marvel at what you can do and how you got by without them for as long as you did.

For more information, we urge you to visit our site to learn more and to purchase your own eBeam products.

April 27, 2017

Don’t Let Technology Hold You Back In Sharing Your Ideas and Plans

For all the technology that’s in the world, the best ideas are developed with simple pen, paper and whiteboards

The challenge is getting these ideas, sketches, plans, drawings, etc. from the “drawing boards” into the digital world.

eBeam solves this challenge.

You spend hours of time collaborating, meeting, brainstorming, sweating details, making revisions, practicing presentations, fine tuning ideas, etc. etc.

Most often this work is done on flip charts, pads of paper, whiteboards and whiteboard painted walls. These are the best tools to use. They provide a large space to gather ideas. Lots of people can work on them together, the biggest ideas command the biggest spaces to develop.

Too often these game changing ideas are “locked” onto the paper or board they’re developed on. How many times did you go into the conference room and see


Written on the board and it’s filled from side to side with details, complex formulas, flow charts, etc. Too often this is the result of a brainstorming session. The ideas are there but to be useful someone has to copy them to a piece of paper or someone has taken a picture with their phone. Either way too much time has been spent on top of the effort spent to develop the ideas to begin with.

So it’s time to implement a better plan and use tools designed to get you from A to Z faster.

Introducing eBeam Edge

A small, compact and completely portable solution. eBeam Edge works with PC’s, MAC and Linux operating systems. Once installed you have options as to how you work with Edge.

First, you can connect your computer to a projector and turn the projected space into a large touch screen surface. With a pickup area that is 60” high by 108” wide you can have the largest touch screen imaginable. The supplied Pen/Stylus acts as your mouse and lets you control your computer from the surface. Run any program on your computer. Get the Wireless Keyboard/Mouse accessory and you have the power of your keyboard in the palm of your hands.

Next, you can connect your computer to a flat screen monitor or tv. Once you’ve set up the receiver you have turned this tv into a touch screen monitor using the Pen/Stylus. Think about the possibilities of using this in house or when traveling and meeting with clients. Touchscreen monitors can run into the thousands of dollars and you have to be delicate with them. eBeam Edge can turn the largest and least expensive tv into a touchscreen for a fraction of the cost.

If Whiteboarding is your thing then get the Capture Accessory and instantly turn your whiteboard, whiteboard painted wall, glass wall, table top, flip chart . . . any hard surface you work with to take notes or collaborate on can now become an electronic surface. Once you start drawing ALL and we mean ALL of the details on the board or surface show up instantly on your computer screen. Once there you can edit them, copy and paste, add to them and then distribute them to all who need them.

No longer do you have to commandeer a room or board to save your efforts. No longer do you need to wait days for someone to transcribe what’ve drawn. No longer do you need to worry about prying eyes seeing things they aren’t supposed to.

See the eBeam Edge Products at specializes in the eBeam and Equil product lines. They provide product, training and education so you get the most out of your purchase.

April 25, 2017

What Is eBeam - Part 1

eBeam simply put is a combination of hardware and software that allows you to turn your physical communication(writing and drawing) and convert it into a digital communication. It allows you to make your physical environment interactive (see our blog posts on what is interactive).


As teachers teach and business people work the speed of information transference has never been greater. Teachers are up against the wall because students are using electronic devices more now than ever have in history. They wake up their smart phones in hand and they go home to their smart phones and through the use of apps/programs the students of today are more adept at using electronics than most of their teachers.


In the business world technology has eliminated the need for duplicate people such as secretaries and administrative assistants and allowed for businesses to run leaner and faster. Programs/apps are more prevalent in the business world and will continue to increase in popularity and adoption.


Yet for all our technology and the speed of change there has never been a greater use of whiteboards in both the education and business worlds.


The whiteboard is special and unique. It allows for a physical interactive environment. Two or more people can utilize the whiteboard to teach, train, educate, brainstorm, plan, develop concepts, etc. The challenge is the whiteboard is a physical space and to make the information contained on it as usable as possible it needs to be converted into a digital element.


Currently people manage this by

  • Taking a picture
  • Redrawing everything on paper and then scanning the document


This is where eBeam comes into play. eBeam comes in 2 different formats the first is the Smartmarker and the second is eBeam Plus (see out post).

 eBeam Smartmarker shown in use  eBeam Edge Plus shown as parts

In this explanation think of your whiteboard as any surface you use dry erase markers with. Like:

  • Whiteboard
  • Whiteboard painted walls
  • Portable boards on casters
  • Glass boards
  • Portable boards small enough you can carry
  • Flip charts
  • Laminated table top


When using your whiteboard Smartmarker allows you to turn everything that you write on your whiteboard into a digital document. This document can be edited, stored and transmitted in a variety of different formats. With Smartmarker you can also transmit your whiteboard sessions to multiple people in the same building or across the world. Smartmarker turns your physical environment into a digital environment.


Imagine the time savings:

  • Generated by being able to edit a whiteboard screen after the meeting.
  • If you are able to translate your hand-written text into digital text, of course this means you have to write more legibly than a doctor.
  • If everyone left the meeting where multiple pages of whiteboard notes were generated and everyone had an instant version of those available on their personal device
  • If attendees could write notes on their personal device while the meeting was in progress
  • If notes from a meeting or class were instantly uploaded to a webpage or server for distribution right after the meeting


How much more productive your whiteboard meetings could be if:

  • Instead of frantically taking notes and redrawing the board attendees were engaged
  • Attendees could experience the meeting in real-time from any internet connected device
  • Whiteboard notes can be captured and saved on the device when an internet broadcast is not available


And these just begin to scratch the surface of benefits.


In the education and training environment Smartmarker allows for the leader to:

  • To display notes, diagrams, ideas and very important stuff without the fear that the attendees will miss something
  • Provide the emphasis to attendees on what is most important so they can highlight their own copy
  • Provide extreme detail in diagrams drawn knowing attendees will have the exact copy to work with
  • Engage attendees in the conversation be it asking or answering questions or providing input and ideas and not solely copying on everything that is on the board.


We will get more in depth into what Smartmarker can do in the apps to give you an idea how this device can be a very powerful for virtually every level of business and education.


We are excited to have you learn more and see for yourself what Smartmarker can do. Check it out in our store at:


Next time – eBeam Edge Plus, a powerhouse devices that leaves all others in its wake.

April 14, 2017

Who Needs Interactive Solutions?


Who needs interactive solutions?  Let’s first review what an interactive solution is.

In our daily lives we have meetings, training sessions, presentations, you may be a teacher, coach, administrator, just about everyone interacts with people during the day.  And during these interactions most of the time ideas are shared, information flows and notes are taken.

It is during the times of note taking and information flow where Interactive Solutions are needed.  Too often these sessions are one dimensional.  A flip chart being used, a whiteboard or whiteboard painted wall, a PowerPoint presentation be displayed or just your desktop is being displayed.  This allows for a presenter and a viewer, but it isn’t interactive.

To be interactive more than one person needs to be able to interact with the information.  This can be done through a file sharing application, web meeting or similar application.  Too often these cost money to set up and maintain, have to be scheduled in advance and as we’ve all see are easy to crash or fail and usually at the worst time possible.

So why do you need an interactive solution?

The interactive solutions provide an easy way to capture and share information.  You spend less time copying and transcribing notes, ideas and sketches and more time implementing the ideas and plans.  Productivity goes up, mistakes and problems go down.

eBeam offers all of this interactivity inside two different applications.  eBeam Edge is a simple, elegant and cost effective way to set up an interactive space.  Whether you are using a projector, tv or monitor, whiteboard, whiteboard painted wall, glass wall or even a table to with an ultra short-throw projector.

eBeam Edge allows you to convert virtually any hard surface to an interactive surface.

eBeam Edge attaches quickly to any metal backed whiteboard or presentation board.  It also comes with brackets that are held in place with 3M Command Strips to you eliminate damage to any walls when removing the tape.  With a special bracket the Edge device can be attached to almost any large screen TV or monitor.

Load the programs (usually in 20 minutes or less) and you have now created a touch screen surface anywhere you can project or show your desktop.  The image can be as large as 60”h x 108”w large enough to make any small detail stand out.

Now that you are set up, if you showing your desktop you have created a touch screen surface.  Interact and run any program that you have loaded on your computer.  From Word to Excel to AutoCAD to PowerPoint anything can be operated from the image. 

When you run the Scrapbook program you have the ultimate electronic whiteboard application.  With unlimited screens and the ability to import, export, take screen shots, record video and audio you have a program that will make all of your sessions more productive.  Once the event is finished you can edit, save and distribute the information in up to 9 different formats. 

Imagine conducting a client presentation or review and then forwarding them a video of the entire event including sound so they have it before they get back to their office.  How cool would that be.  Or conduct on on-line meeting walking through all of the issues and recording it at the same time and sending a link to file within minutes of completing the presentation.  Do you hear the same cash register sounds I do?

So what if you aren’t using your desktop, but instead have a plain old whiteboard or the newest tool a whiteboard painted wall?  No problem.  With the Capture program you quickly and easily turn this space into an electronic copyboard. EVERYTHING that you write on the board or wall is instantly sent to your computer. 

Once on the computer you have the ability to edit, add to, save and distribute the information in a similar way to the Scrapbook program.  You can even conduct on-line meetings where you share the content of your whiteboard and record all of your events showing the details of the whiteboard and voice as it is picked up by the computer.

So you see interactive solutions are a great tool and eBeam is one of the best.  Want to learn more?  Go to where you can see all of the eBeam products and other devices to support them.  Check out the videos where you can see how the product works and all of the training tools to help you get up and running quickly.

Check Out The Edge Products Here

April 03, 2017

Put Away Your Camera and Grab Smartmarker

Equil Smartmarker is here.

Now instantly capture EVERYTHING you write on your

  • Whiteboard
  • Whiteboard painted wall
  • Glass board
  • Flip Chart
  • Laminate table tops
  • Anything you write on to express ideas, brainstorm, strategize etc.

Smartmarker is your go to tool to share these ideas.

With the largest capture area in the market you can use it on regular size whiteboards, up to 8' x 5' or the really big ones and capture an area 16'w x 5' high. 

Instantly send the details of your whiteboard to all of your devices, PC, MAC, IOS and Android.

Stream your notes to everyone in attendance and everyone listening in through the streaming function (currently FREE)

Your notes are no longer stuck on the whiteboard or in your camera. They are now alive, changeable, emailable and free to help you change your corner of the world.

March 03, 2017

Innovation Tools

In today's business environment tools are an essential part of success companies. With the right tools you can improve the productivity of each person and with that comes a potential geometric increase in the overall productivity.

Now there certainly is a point of diminishing returns with the gains, but if you don't start working with something you won't get any gains.

Since is a product centered website we want to discuss some of the tools that are available in the products category that may help you. 

The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phenomenon is just getting started and we will see over the coming years more companies embracing employees/associates/team members bringing their own devices to work. This does a couple of things that are positive for the companies.

  1. First it cuts down on the hardware expenditure and replacing all of the worn out computers.
  2. Second it allows the employee to select the device(s) that they are most comfortable with.
  3. Third, and this might be the biggest benefit. . . those employees may end up doing more work outside of the office with their own devices. Since they will most likely have other parts of their lives installed on the computer it will be very easy to jump over to a project that needs some attention when they get a whim, giving you some more of their time on the job.

Of course their are some downsides to this.

  1. IT has to make sure everything is still secure
  2. There is more stress on the employee to make sure their units are secure from loss
  3. IT also has to plan for access by a variety operating systems (Windows, MAC, Android)

So it is also important now that companies make use of cross platform tools. A new tool coming on the market in February is the Equil Smartmarker. Like its brothers Equil Smartpen and Smartpen 2 the Smartmarker allows users to communicate across the platforms with ease.

Smartmarker is the first place and go solution to innovating your whiteboard, glassboard, whiteboard painted wall, flip charts etc. With Smartmarker you place the receiver on the surface and start writing. No calibration required. Simple, easy, intuitive.

Smartmarker allows you to collaborate across the room or across the world by syncing all of your users devices so everyone see the same thing on their device. Simple and intuitive.

With a long battery life and memory capability you can run all of your whiteboard sessions and then download the days work and still not miss a beat.  

Check out the Equil Smartmarker HERE.

January 25, 2017

Interactive Whiteboards That Don't Require IT To Set Up

Interactive Whiteboards are not losing ground to tablets and phones.  Small devices do not take the place of large surfaces where people can interact to discuss, brainstorm, plan and develop ideas.  Technology simply cannot take the place of the concept of ideas on a board for group activities.

The challenge of many interactive solutions is that IT is required to download, install and set up the software.  Once the software is installed the screens or board must be calibrated.  Once all of this is done then you can begin working on them - well after a potentially long training period.  And this is the downside of these expensive solutions.  The more expensive generally the more costly in time and money is the training.

eBeam solves both of these issues by being a cost effective purchase, easy install (often 20 minutes or less) and a very intuitive interface.  Training can take as little as 20 minutes to get up and running on either of the programs that are provided.

Another big downside is the lack of portability with expensive solutions.  When you purchase an expensive board that can run from $2500 to $5000 the last thing the IT or facility people want to do is have this technology rolled down hallways or put on elevators to move between floors.  Movement means wear and tear and this does not bode well for these boards.

eBeam solves this problem by its inherent portability.  From the small foot print of the eBeam Edge Receiver to the wireless connection that can be made to your computer.  Wires are not an issue and moving from room to room can take as little as a few minutes (with Capture) to 10-15 minutes if a projector is being used (with Scrapbook).

Your investment is small - as little as $649.00 for the USB version to $999.00 for the eBeam Edge Wireless with Capture Pack version.  Add a Battery Pack and you have a complete system for just under $1100.  This is a small investment that can be picked up and moved from room to room, taken on the road and set up in minutes.


So consider eBeam for your interactive solution.  We Make Any Surface Smart.

March 20, 2015

Announcing Equil Smartmarker

Announcing Equil Smartmarker

For years business has had the frustration of creating GREAT things on whiteboards, whiteboard surfaces and flip charts, and not being able to use them once they are done.

Taking pictures has been a go to strategy but all you end up with is an image of what was done.  I mean, how much detail can you really get of a 4’ x 8’ board with a tiny picture?

Having someone transcribe the details as they are written is another option. Yes you can get all of the details, but you have simply transferred the stuff from the whiteboard to a piece of paper. It’s still a flat one dimensional image of what was there. Although the paper can be scanned and made into a PDF or other format that can be shared.

No, what is really needed is a tool that makes it easy to capture what you write that is

  • easy to set up
  • easy to use
  • captures everything
  • allows you to manipulate or add to your creation
  • can be shared with lots of people
  • can be streamed while you are creating your masterpiece

What is needed is Equil Smartmarker.

Smartmarker is the newest addition to the Equil & eBeam product offering.

With Smartmarker you attached the receiver, insert you marker into the sleeve, choose the color of ink to show on the computer or device and start your work.

Smartmarker picks up everything written inside the capture area, maximum size on each side of the receiver is 8’ x 5’. You can capture on both sides with gives you an area of 16’ x 5’ that can be captured.

Create new pages from the board while you are writing. Change pens colors so even though you use a black marker on the board your stuff on the computer or device can be black, green, red or blue.

Speaking of device. The EquiNote software is a FREE download and available for PC, MAC, IOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and Android. So you can send your drawings to any of these devices while you are creating.  What, don’t have your device or computer with you? No problem, Equil Smartmarker has enough memory to capture and save thousands (THOUSANDS) of pages. Next time you have your device or computer it will download the pages which then allows you to work with them.

If you have your device or someone does you can stream your sessions while you are working. Stream to anyone with internet access and the software on their computer or device. They can see and capture what is being developed in real time. Get them on a conference call and now you have some real collaboration going on.

Sounds magical enough right?

Well, once you have your stuff on the device through Smartmarker you can really do things. But, we’ll cover that more in our next post.

Want to see more about Smartmaker? Check out the product at by clicking on the Equil tab at the top or go directly to:

To your continued improvement in innovation, communication and collaboration.

July 02, 2014

Whiteboard Meetings and Collaboration

We are hearing it more than ever before. Business owner and managers are getting frustrated with the tools available to work with. We understand the frustration and want to offer some ideas on what you can do to help remove the frustration.

Your typical meeting consists of a bunch of people sitting around a conference table sharing ideas.  Many times these ideas are put onto a whiteboard or glassboard, which is a great way to share and generate ideas.  The facilitator puts an idea on the board and then everyone adds to it, interjects ideas and the process builds.

Sometimes the whiteboard doesn’t exist so you use a paper flipchart instead.  The paper docs then get ripped off and taped to the wall. This happens a lot when you are working in a remote location where, conference center, hotel room or meeting room.

The bottom line is that the ideas are STUCK on either the whiteboard or the paper.  Usually someone is charged with copying everything down while the meeting is occurring (which means they aren’t participating) or transcribing the notes after the meeting is over (which means a delay in getting details to the participants).  Or, and we love this one the most, you take pictures of the stuff on the wall to try to capture it.

This means production is slowed, information flow is minimal, time spent in the meeting does not translate to progress.  Or if  you are taking pictures, details are missed because you can’t tell what was written.

It’s time to stop all of this craziness and get more work done.  Making the results of the meetings turn into productivity can be a HUGE boost to the company.  And, it’s not that hard.

Check out eBeam Edge with Capture Pack.

eBeam Edge is famous for easily converting wall spaces into high powered collaboration environments.  Edge allows you to run your computer from any projected surface or any connected monitor/tv by turning this surface into a touch screen by using the supplied wireless pen/stylus.

But, what you may not be aware of is the Capture Pack accessory.  With Capture Pack you turn your

  • Whiteboard
  • Glass board
  • Paper Flipchart

into an electronic copyboard.  This means that everything you draw onto these spaces is transmitted to the program on your computer.

Using Capture Pack eliminates the need for a dedicated person to copy what is put on the board.  It eliminates the need to have someone transcribe the notes later.  And it eliminates the need to take pictures of the board.

Using Capture Pack allows you to manipulate the pages after you create them.  You can add text, additional drawings, copy pages, duplicate images, change the images drawn.

When you are finished then save the document into up to nine other formats including PDF and JPEG.

And if this isn’t enough . . . record your sessions as they are occurring.  Record all of the images as they are being drawn and record all of the sound that can be picked up by your computers microphone – or add an external mike.

But wait, there’s more.  Capture comes with a meeting function like its big brother Scrapbook.  With the meeting you can have participants located somewhere else in the world watching and participating in your whiteboarding session.  You choose whether they can interact and add to the board, or simply see what is being done.

So, Capture is a very powerful accessory that lets you solve lots of problems in getting the information out to those that need it quickly.

I hope that this was useful for you.  Find out more about Capture at  You will also find helpful videos there also.

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