March 27, 2014

Here is a growing list of companies and organizations that have found the benefits of using eBeam,

They are varied in their industry but they all have the same goal - improve information flow during and after meetings and class.

Check them out:

Computer Healthcare
Fairview Elementary School
Pacific Pile & Marine
Kellogg Christian School
Omega Learning Center
University of Miami
Our Lady of Sorrows School
Vantage Oncology
Catholic Social Services
Wellshare International
Florida Institute of Technology
Fulton County Schools
First Assembly Christian Schools


eBeam Makes Great Things Even Better

I ran across this article on how IdeaPaint got started.  Another great college student(s) solve a problem and make a boat load of money at it.


But why to I bring this up?  Simple, if you were to add the eBeam product to this wall, all of that great artwork, plans, world domination schemes, details, flow charts, etc. etc. would be captured onto the computer.


Once there you can manipulate, change, delete, add, save and distribute the information.  You can even add pages to it after you're done so that the whiteboard work you are doing now becomes more of a dynamic growing document - how cool is that.


eBeam helps take a great idea and make it even better.

Matthew Brooks
Matthew Brooks