March 20, 2015

Here is a growing list of companies and organizations that have found the benefits of using eBeam,

They are varied in their industry but they all have the same goal - improve information flow during and after meetings and class.

Check them out:

Computer Healthcare
Fairview Elementary School
Pacific Pile & Marine
Kellogg Christian School
Omega Learning Center
University of Miami
Our Lady of Sorrows School
Vantage Oncology
Catholic Social Services
Wellshare International
Florida Institute of Technology
Fulton County Schools
First Assembly Christian Schools


Announcing Equil Smartmarker

Announcing Equil Smartmarker

For years business has had the frustration of creating GREAT things on whiteboards, whiteboard surfaces and flip charts, and not being able to use them once they are done.

Taking pictures has been a go to strategy but all you end up with is an image of what was done.  I mean, how much detail can you really get of a 4’ x 8’ board with a tiny picture?

Having someone transcribe the details as they are written is another option. Yes you can get all of the details, but you have simply transferred the stuff from the whiteboard to a piece of paper. It’s still a flat one dimensional image of what was there. Although the paper can be scanned and made into a PDF or other format that can be shared.

No, what is really needed is a tool that makes it easy to capture what you write that is

  • easy to set up
  • easy to use
  • captures everything
  • allows you to manipulate or add to your creation
  • can be shared with lots of people
  • can be streamed while you are creating your masterpiece

What is needed is Equil Smartmarker.

Smartmarker is the newest addition to the Equil & eBeam product offering.

With Smartmarker you attached the receiver, insert you marker into the sleeve, choose the color of ink to show on the computer or device and start your work.

Smartmarker picks up everything written inside the capture area, maximum size on each side of the receiver is 8’ x 5’. You can capture on both sides with gives you an area of 16’ x 5’ that can be captured.

Create new pages from the board while you are writing. Change pens colors so even though you use a black marker on the board your stuff on the computer or device can be black, green, red or blue.

Speaking of device. The EquiNote software is a FREE download and available for PC, MAC, IOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and Android. So you can send your drawings to any of these devices while you are creating.  What, don’t have your device or computer with you? No problem, Equil Smartmarker has enough memory to capture and save thousands (THOUSANDS) of pages. Next time you have your device or computer it will download the pages which then allows you to work with them.

If you have your device or someone does you can stream your sessions while you are working. Stream to anyone with internet access and the software on their computer or device. They can see and capture what is being developed in real time. Get them on a conference call and now you have some real collaboration going on.

Sounds magical enough right?

Well, once you have your stuff on the device through Smartmarker you can really do things. But, we’ll cover that more in our next post.

Want to see more about Smartmaker? Check out the product at by clicking on the Equil tab at the top or go directly to:

To your continued improvement in innovation, communication and collaboration.

Matthew Brooks
Matthew Brooks