May 11, 2017

Here is a growing list of companies and organizations that have found the benefits of using eBeam,

They are varied in their industry but they all have the same goal - improve information flow during and after meetings and class.

Check them out:

Computer Healthcare
Fairview Elementary School
Pacific Pile & Marine
Kellogg Christian School
Omega Learning Center
University of Miami
Our Lady of Sorrows School
Vantage Oncology
Catholic Social Services
Wellshare International
Florida Institute of Technology
Fulton County Schools
First Assembly Christian Schools


Creating Interactive Spaces

Since the dawn of time man has sought ways to communicate ideas.

It started with showing the locations of food or enemies and probably evolved into the honeydo list of cleaning out the cave or gathering the brontosaurus burgers for Ugggh’s weekend blow out at the lake.

It moved into story telling of great societies and included color.

From there the invention of writing on crude paper with the new invention of ink.

Chalkboards showed up somewhere in the 1800’s and now we could share ideas with larger groups of people in what became the first interactive settings.

Whiteboards showed up in the late 1950’s but didn’t take off until the dry erase markers were invented in the mid 70’s. From that time on things began to heat up. The invention of the whiteboard paint to cover walls arrived around 2010 and as soon as it was proven viable copycat products started showing up from lots of vendors.

Whiteboards are a thriving business, just ask any of the manufacturers. Even with all of the current great technological breakthroughs and the lower costs of big screen TVs and monitors the “go to” device to develop and share ideas is the whiteboard.

The connection between the mind and hand as you write, draw and express ideas and thoughts is almost magical. You don’t get the same experience or bump in creativity working on your electronic device that you do with a whiteboard and dry erase marker.

Whiteboards are used in every part of the community. You find them in:

  • Classrooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Training rooms
  • Offices
  • Laboratories
  • Production plants
  • Libraries
  • Convention centers

Whiteboards have given way to the next version which is the glassboard. This just takes the aesthetics to a new level with a classier feel but it does essentially the same thing, allow you to develop and share ideas.

Whiteboards are great but their biggest draw back still remains. Once you put something on the board, it’s stuck. You can’t change it without destroying it. You can take a picture of it. But to view or use the information you’ll have to redraw it.

First, that’s crazy and second, it’s a HUGE waste of time. Don’t even get us started on the signs drawn or posted indicating erasure of the board will lead to a horrible and painful death.

eBeam Smartmarker changes all of this.Smartmarker on a small whiteboard in a meeting

First, Smartmarker use the same dry erase markers to draw with. The markers are inserted into the Smartmarker pen sleeve. When the receiver is placed on the board and the pen sleeve is connected to it MAGIC happens.

When you write, draw, doodle, express ideas . . . ALL and we do mean ALL of your pen strokes are captured by the receiver as a digital copy of what you’ve place on the board. This happens instantly so you have zero downtime in setting up and using this fantastic tool.

Now, full disclosure time. There is one thing you have to do when you are using the Smartmarker. Each time you start a new board or page you have to push the button on the receiver to create a new digital page, that’s it, very simple. If you don’t you will have one very messy digital page.

With the Smartmarker device you can hold up to 20,000 pages in memory before downloading them. Of course we suggest that you subscribe to the philosophy of “save early, save often.” We do because you know that “stuff” happens with technology.

So, whenever possible we recommend that you connect to your favorite device and watch your creations show up on the screen through the use of the Notes application. Everything you do is transmitted to your device exactly as you’ve drawn it.

So what devices can you use? Smartmarker is compatible with:

  • Windows
  • MAC
  • iOS devices (iPhone, iPad)
  • Android

So pretty much anything you might use can be connected to the Smartmarker.

The challenge in the 1970s that still exists today in is the ability to share your whiteboard space with people that are not physically present. Here is another place that Smartmarker shines bright.

You can create a meeting using your device that people present and anywhere in the world can connect to through the power of the internet. Using their device and soon just a web browser, they can see everything that is being done in real time.

Once you’ve collected the information on your device then other magic can take over in the form of editing your whiteboard stuff, but that is for another time.

So, you see that Smartmarker is the answer to a lot of problems facing business, education, management, research and a host of other disciplines. For more information pop over to our pages on the Smartmarker products and check them out. You’ll also find some great videos on the products.

You can find this at:

Matthew Brooks
Matthew Brooks