May 04, 2017

Here is a growing list of companies and organizations that have found the benefits of using eBeam,

They are varied in their industry but they all have the same goal - improve information flow during and after meetings and class.

Check them out:

Computer Healthcare
Fairview Elementary School
Pacific Pile & Marine
Kellogg Christian School
Omega Learning Center
University of Miami
Our Lady of Sorrows School
Vantage Oncology
Catholic Social Services
Wellshare International
Florida Institute of Technology
Fulton County Schools
First Assembly Christian Schools


What is eBeam - Part 2

In our last post, we started the discussion of “what is eBeam.” If you recall we discussed the various aspects of the hardware and software that makes up the product line and we delved into the eBeam Smartmarker to kick off of discussion. You can find that post here

So now we turn to eBeam Edge Plus.

Edge Plus is the main product line, it’s the big daddy, the one everyone aspires to be. Where the Smartmarker allows you to digitally “capture” everything you place on your board or surface and conduct meetings . . . Edge Plus lets you run your computer from any hard surface you can show or project your desktop on:

  • So if you’re fond of using big screen TV’s to show your computer you can turn the tv into a digital touch screen.
  • If you like to project your computer onto a wall, whiteboard or other surface you can turn that surface into a digital touch screen.

With Edge Plus you’re able to use the stylus and the receiver and do everything on your computer from your projected surface or large monitor/TV that you would if you were working directly at your computer.

The hardware works with a receiver, it looks like this:

eBeam Edge Plus Receiver on LCD Screen Bracket

And the Pen / Stylus, looks like this:

eBeam Edge Plus Stylus

The receiver sits on the surface and picks up signals from the stylus.

The stylus is your mouse and has all the functions of the mouse. But the stylus also acts like a pen (depending on the program being used) where you can draw, highlight and erase objects just like you might with a pen.

The space that you can cover with the Edge Plus is up to 9’wide and 5’high. . .this is larger than any other device on the market which makes it unique. When you also discover that you can use both sides of the receiver this space turns into a whopping 18' wide and 5' high area.

What also makes it unique is it doesn’t require any specialized equipment added to it.

eBeam Edge Plus Pickup Area

Where many manufacturers of interactive whiteboards require you to use their boards and projectors, Edge Plus doesn’t care, they’re all compatible because it doesn’t depend on that technology to work. So, use your existing:

  • Whiteboard or drywall
  • Projector
  • Computer

It’s all good, just add our hardware and your off and running.

The question comes up often, “what programs can I use with the Edge Plus.”

The answer is simple, “any program that can use a mouse and keyboard” which is pretty much every program. There’s a misunderstanding that the Edge Plus is limited to some programs . . . it’s not.

With Edge Plus you’re able to create online meetings where you’re sharing the contents of the digital whiteboard program (Scrapbook) much like you’re able to with Smartmarker only the Edge Plus programs are more powerful. As you draw and develop your content in the meeting attendees can view and interact (if permitted) while the meeting is open. If you’re discussing a technical issue and a remote viewer wants to add details, everyone can see what is added. This is possible because you’re interfacing with your computer desktop so everyone can play along if you let them.

Once the meeting is over everyone can keep their copy of the Scrapbook program file and you can also save it in multiple different formats as well.

Edge Plus is not limited to just the use of interacting with your desktop. With the use of the Marker Pack accessory (or when purchased as the Complete product) you’re able to use the hardware on a plain ole whiteboard. This truly extends the capability of the product.

With Whiteboard you digitally capture everything that you’re writing on the board. Every stroke, idea, thought, diagram, etc. is converted into a digital picture on your computer. From there you can add, change, copy, paste, save in multiple formats and distribute the work. This takes your whiteboarding and collaboration to a whole new level.

Now to truly blow your mind you can also use the Edge Plus receiver to simultaneously run your computer on one side and have a whiteboard session on the other. Now we’re really cooking. But to show that we’re going to do a video so you can see how this works.

Intrigued aren’t you. We thought you would be. These are powerful tools and once you start using them you’ll marvel at what you can do and how you got by without them for as long as you did.

For more information, we urge you to visit our site to learn more and to purchase your own eBeam products.

Matthew Brooks
Matthew Brooks