March 21, 2014

Taking Pictures of Whiteboards

I recently saw a post about some of the great apps that have been developed using smart phones and tablets to take pictures of peoples whiteboards. Some are very cool.

But I have to ask, what can you do with it? It is a picture and pictures are 1 dimensional. Yes you can share it easily, you can pass it around and post it. But it is still one-dimensional.

Might I suggest that you take a look at eBeam Capture. With Capture attached to your eBeam Edge or Engage you no longer need to take pictures.


Capture allow you to collect everything as you write it onto your computer into the Capture Program. Capture contains an unlimited number of white screens that you draw your stuff into.

Once on the computer the fun really begins. Add to what you have developed, duplicate, copy, paste, alter, change, erase, group, ungroup, change layering, add text, add shapes. And once you are done . . . .

Pass it around as a Capture file (native file format), PDF, JPEG, GIF, Powerpoint. Truly this is a more productive way to using your whiteboarding session.

So check out Capture at today and see what you can do.

Thanks for reading.

March 21, 2014

Interactive Whiteboard Comparison- eBeam Edge Wins!

Today I'd like to share a link to a little presentation that I found comparing Interactive Whiteboards- the SMART board, MimioTeach whiteboard, and the eBeam Edge.  Of course, the eBeam Edge was found to be the best option of the three because of it's "user friendliness, portability, easy installation, reliability, 7 year warranty, and it's affordable price ($650)".  Pretty cool!  Take a look at the link below...



One of the cons to the eBeam is that it was not marketed well and hard to find. That's where eBeamRocks comes in. eBeam is ALL we do so you can find all of the information you need on researching, purchasing and using the product. Check us out at
March 20, 2014

eBeam Home

If you haven't seen this yet you should check it out.

Whether you are using eBeam for Education or Business the Home screen provides a unique ability to help you organize your stuff.

The Home screen can hold up to 25 shortcuts.  The shortcuts can be just about anything:

  • Documents
  • Folders
  • Programs
  • Weblinks
  • Just about anything you want

Organize them as they make sense to you and your needs.

eBeam Home is available on Edge through a menu feature.  On Engage there is a eBeam Home button that allows you to bring it up almost instantaneously.


Check it out - we will have a video on our site soon going through how to use it.


March 20, 2014

Seven Cool Things about eBeam Edge

1.  It's Portable-  It can turn any standard whiteboard, or other flat surface, into an interactive space.  Only the eBeam Edge, a projector, computer, and the supplied USB cable are needed (Wireless version is also available) to use it absolutely anywhere.

2.  It's Small-   The eBeam Edge measures less than 8 inches long, and weighs less than 4 ounces.  The stylus is smaller than a regular whiteboard marker.  It can easily fit into purses and laptop bags, or even in a pocket, if you're on the run.

3.  It's Easy to Install-  Installation and calibration take only a few minutes and no special tools are needed.

4.  It's Easy to Use-  The stylus, when used with the cute but effective tools palette, allows the user to manipulate the device with simple taps of the stylus.  With the palette, the user can control the stylus as the mouse, as well as highlight, draw, and annotate on the capture area.  It is user-friendly for all ages, and also for all levels of technological savvy.

5.  It Promotes Sharing-  The presentations created with the eBeam Edge can be shared directly with a classroom of students or a conference room of employees, and can be shared in real time on local networks or over the Internet.  Then, all of the presented information can be saved for future use, or emailed to the participants for review.

6.  Its WOW Factor-  I use this in my home office, and every time I show it to a guest in my home, it blows them away.  Professionally, eBeamRocks! has done demonstrations to many different people-- ranging from kindergarten teachers, principals, and department heads to CEOs, IT Directors, and national sales trainers-- and we always get the same response- "Wow!"  It really is a cool product with a ton of great features that help in teaching, training, brainstorming, planning, and more!

7.  Its Low Price Tag-  This is a great value!  It gives you the functionality of a smart board at a fraction of the cost.  "Interactive" or "smart" boards can cost up to $2,500 and of course, need to be mounted in a permanent location.  eBeam Edge Projection starts under $650 and can be moved quickly and easily to suit your needs.

March 19, 2014

Introducing eBeam Engage

eBeam Engage is the big brother to Edge.  It is about 34" long and about 2" wide.  It is packed with lots of features that make it a fantastic tool for teachers, trainers and anyone that spends time in front of a class or audience.


They packed around 10 different features into this dynamic yard stick.  Things like:

  • One Touch Recording
  • Kick Butt JBL Speakers
  • Audio In & Out Jacks
  • Scroll wheel for navigating documents and web pages
  • One touch eBeam Home Screen

There are a few others as well.  Enjoy the video - let us know what you think.





March 19, 2014

What is eBeam and How Does It Work

This is an oldy but still a goody.

This was made shortly after the eBeam Edge was introduced.  The marker pen sleeves on the current product are white.


It's a little long but worth it.