eBeam Edge Replacement Stylus - Model #M310A360000050

If you have an OLDER eBeam Edge Unit, this is for you.

The White and Grey stylus have been replaced with the new Black Stylus. This is now a rechargeable unit that will last up to 15 hours and recharges in 3.

You never know when the Stylus is going to be damaged, stolen or run over with a vacuum cleaner (yeh, we've done that - it didn't fare well). Having an extra on hand can be a life saver. 

Even though the units charge up quickly, if you are going at it for long days, having a fresh unit fully charged can also keep you going.

This unit is for the Older eBeam Edge receiver and WILL NOT WORK with the NEW Edge Plus receiver.


This is what the "Older" eBeam Edge Receiver and Stylus look like.

If this is what you have this is the replacement stylus you want. These units were last produced in the fall of 2015. While there might have been a few still in the supply chain through the end of 2015 if you bought yours in 2016 or later you have the current eBeam Edge Plus and this is not the stylus you want.

I you are unsure of what model you have, drop us a line or give us a call to make sure you are getting the right unit for your Edge. 


Replacement for the Old eBeam Edge White and Grey Stylus
Use as replacements or extras to have on hand.

What's In The Box

  • Interactive Stylus with Internal rechargeable battery
  • Pen nib cover
  • Pen nib holder
  • 15 replacement stylus nibs
  • 1m USB Charging cable

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