eBeam Edge Plus Wireless Complete - Model #33001001


All of the benefits of the eBeam Edge Plus Wireless and the Maker Pack
With Marker Pack
Turn your dry erase board into an Electronic Copy Board
Never rewrite anything again
All of the notes, drawings, doodles and million dollar ideas are captured onto your computer
Once everything is on your computer you can edit your whiteboard stuff:
  • Copy, Paste, Duplicate, Cut any of the objects
  • Group, Ungroup, Change layering
  • Add new Objects, Images,Text, Doodles, Million Dollar Ideas
As with it’s sibling program Scrapbook, while you are working on your whiteboard you can:
  • Conduct a meeting with other locations to share your whiteboard content
  • Record what you’re drawing and saying, along with any other people or sounds that your computer can pickup
Marker Pack allows you to save your work in multiple formats for emailing, sharing, storing, archiving
Change the speed of information transfer from slow to supersonic
With the eBeam Wireless Edge Plus version you will be un-tethered from your computer so that you can easily work with the unit from across the room or even down the hall.

What's in the box

eBeam Edge Plus Wireless
  • eBeam Edge Plus Wireless Receiver with Internal Rechargeable Battery
  • Plug and Play Wireless Adapter - USB Dongle
  • Rechargeable Interactive Stylus
  • (2) Mounting Plates with 3M Adhesive
  • 16.4' (5 m) USB Cable
  • (15) Spare Stylus Nibs
  • USB Charging cable for stylus
  • 4 International power adapters
  • eBeam Software for download
  • 4 Marker Sleeves (red, blue, green and black)
  • 1 Multi Charging cradle
  • 1 1.5m USB Charging cable
  • Digital Eraser
  • 1 Box Dry-Erase Markers (red, blue, green and black)
  • 3 Digital felt discs (for eraser)
  • 2 mounting plates for Digital eraser with 3M Adhesive
  • Quick Start Guide

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