eBeam Smartmarker

Introducing Smartmarker - all your whiteboard and flip chart notes on your devices and computers.

Write Your Notes And Instantly See Them Show Up On Your Device or Computer.

eBeam Smartmarker has bridged the gap between whiteboards, whiteboard painted walls flip charts and your devices.

eBeam Smartmarker works with your whiteboards and flip charts. Draw or scribble onto your surfaces and everything shows up on your:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • MAC Computer
  • Windows Computer
  • Android Devices

Through a simple Bluetooth interface your Smartpen and Smartmarker connects to the device or computer.

Once captured you can add, edit and share your notes using email or file sharing method or service.

Use the Streaming service inside the application and share your stuff while you are creating it with anyone that has internet access.

A whole new revolution is happening and Smartmarker is in the middle of it allowing you to share the world changing ideas you are creating.