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About the eBeamRocks Team

Technology seems to be taking over our entire lives.  From iPhone to iPad to Tablets everywhere we look tech is there.  But surprisingly its not . . . many businesses, too many classrooms across the country haven't jumped on the "what's next" band wagon.  This isn't a bad thing, jumping to the next evolutionary thing means you haven't explored the capabilities of what you had.
eBeamRocks is brought you by a team of professionals that strive to take full advantage of what lies before us. That is where

  • eBeam by Luidia
products come in.  Once our company saw, purchased, and used an earlier version of eBeam we were all blown away by its capabilities.

We had to become resellers for the product line.  As we worked with the other companies we knew that there was a combination of items that simply had to be assembled for easy purchase, training and information - so eBeamRocks.com was born.
We have tested most of these products for ourselves and continually work to expand our knowledge by learning more about all of the products and staying on top of any new releases.

Please call, email, or fill out the contact us form if you are interested in seeing exactly what what we mean when we say "eBeam Rocks!"  We will gladly give a free demo in person or over the internet.  We also have some samples on hand (eBeam Edge) so that you and your team team can try it out for yourself.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments

eBeam Rocks!
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