Collaboration Tools For Business

Collaboration is not just a buzz word, it's serious business.

Whether collaboration is planned or simply occurs out of necessity it is a big key to improving and growing your business. Finding the right collaboration tools is essential. You want the best collaboration tools and the software to go with it. It must be easy to use, transferable to multiple devices so it can be shared with anyone or taken along wherever your people need to go.


 Smartmarker in a small meeting

eBeam made a game changer when they introduced Smartpen and Smartpen2. The game has been unfairly stacked in their favor now with Smartmarker.

Based on the same techonology as Smartpen and eBeam Edge, Smartmarker makes it easier than ever to share your whiteboard work and your collaboration efforts. 

Place the receiver on the surface, pair it with your device and start drawing. Simple, easy and intuitive. Smartmarker is the one Collaboration Tool you need for your business. 


The software it needs is FREE, did you get that, F-R-E-E. eBeam Marker is available for:

  • Windows PC
  • MAC OS
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Are there any others that are used by the masses - not really.

While you are working and capturing your notes on your devices you can stream your work, in real time, to up to 20 users anywhere in the world. How cool is that.

Simply one of the best collaboration tools on the market. Check out all of the details here: Smartmarker