eBeam Choose Smartmarker

Are you looking for the best tool for your classroom or business? There are lots of options out there so it may be difficult to choose. We want you to consider one you’ve probably not heard about, we’re working to change that.

Choose eBeam Smartmarker

You’re familiar with whiteboards and the new whiteboard painted walls? Right?

They are great tools and since they come in a variety of sizes and configurations almost every budget can afford one. They are now available in a glass style that is also magnetic? Very cool, a little more pricey but if you need style – hey why not.

The challenge with a whiteboard or whiteboard wall and dry erase markers is the stuff you put on them is static, cant be changed without destroying the original, can’t be copied and short of taking a picture it can’t be shared. But they are great communication tools.

You’ve looked at the Smartboard? It’s a great product with a huge following and lots of technology behind it. But, it’s not portable, it costs a lot and depending on your use it may be out of your budget especially if you’re looking at a quantity purchase.

So look at eBeam Smartmarker

Smartmarker is a device that turns any surface you’d use dry erase markers on into a digital copy board. We call it a copy board because EVERYTHING and we mean EVERYTHING you put on the surface with the Smartmakers is immediately either saved or sent to your connected app.

Work Without A Computer

Yeh, you don’t need to have an app connected to save your drawings. You can mount the receiver on the surface and start writing (takes like 5 seconds). When you’re done you can turn it off and go on your way. Once you get back to your computer, plug it and download everything you’ve developed. Then the magic starts – we’ll get there right after this.

Work With a Computer / Device

With Smartmarker you can be connected to:

  • Windows PC
  • MAC
  • Chromebook
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Android device

With any of these you can capture what your writing on your surface and see it show up immediately on your screen.

Sharing Your Screen

Along with seeing it on the screen you can share your screen as a meeting within the App so everyone connected can see what is going on as well – from anywhere in the world. Of course, they need to have an internet connection, but you knew that right?

Modify Your Capture – The MAGIC

The Magic Happens now where you can modify what you’ve captured from surface. You can:

  • Add
  • Delete
  • Change
  • Add picture
  • Add links
  • Save in multiple formats
  • Print

So now your whiteboard sessions are multi-dimensional. And everyone can download the app so if they were part of the meeting or have access to the file, they can make changes also. How cool is that.