eBeam Projectors

eBeam Projectors

 eBeam Edge creates an Interactive Projection solution for 

  • Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Training Centers
  • Conference Room
  • War Rooms
  • Technology Centers

Using e beam edge projector helps you to communicate ideas thoughts and plans.  

 Interactive Whiteboards - Now Available Instantly

eBeam Edge takes your whiteboard and puts it on steriods.  Now anything you write on your whiteboard is immediately transferred to you computer where you can endlessly edit all of your ideas.  Copy, paste, duplicate, rotate anything you've created.  With the eBeam Edge Software you can create dynamic presentations that will communicate your ideas immediately.  Allow your meeting participants to collaborate with you on the creation whether they are in the room or across the world.

 eBeam Edge Wireless with Capture Pack is our most versatile and popular option.


Using eBeam Edge interactive lets you use your existing equipment or assets to create your interactive spaces.