eBeam Smart Projector

eBeam Smart Projector

eBeam is a Smart Interactive Projector solution for 

  • Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Training Centers
  • Conference Room
  • War Rooms
  • Technology Centers

Using Smart Projector helps you to communicate and show simple to complex ideas, Using eBeam Edge as your interactive projector tool is easy with the ability to set it  up quickly, move it around from room-to-room or take it on the road.

Once the projector is set up and the software installed its a simple matter of placing the receiver on the board, calibrating it (takes 1 min max) and you are ready to go. 

A Simple Interactive Solution

Now you have total control over your desk top from the board. With eBeam you have just converted this projected image into a powerful touch screen surface. Using the supplied pen/stylus you can open and work in any program on your computer. That is is core of the eBeam product, to turn any hard surface into an interactive touch screen space. 

Powerful Software

Included with the hardware is the Scrapbook software. This provides you with a powerful digital whiteboard program that lets you conceive, design and present great presentations all the while maintaining its core of being interactive.

 eBeam Edge Wireless with Capture Pack is our most versatile and popular option.


Using eBeam interactive projectors lets you use your existing equipment or assets to create your interactive spaces.