eBeam Videos for After You've Bought

Here you go.  You've got the product or it's on it way.  Let's get you up and running as quickly as possible.

There is no better way to see how eBeam works than seeing it in action.

These videos provide you with a detailed look at how easy it is to set up, connect and use.

We would love your feedback.

As you scroll down you'll see all that we have to offer along with a little description of the video.

Here is a list of what's below:

  • Demo & Training #1 - 24 min
  • Demo & Training #2 - 24 min
  • How to Pair Your Wireless Keyboard/Mouse - 1 min
  • Using Scrapbook & Capture on Edge at the same time - 4 min
  • Using Scrapbook & Capture on Engage at the same time - 4 min

eBeam Training Part1

This first video is Part 1 of 2

It's about 24 minutes long - sorry - but there is just a lot of good stuff to go over - you didn't think you weren't going to have to learn some stuff right?




 eBeam Training Part 2

This second video is Part 2 of 2

This video is also 24 minutes long - it is the second half of the training program.



Pairing Your Wireless Keyboard / Mouse

Sometimes things go screwy or you need to get a new USB Wireless Adapter for the Keyboard.

The pairing or re-pairing is really simple - it only take a minute or less to do.



Using eBeam Scrapbook and Capture at the Same Time

Did you know that you can use both of these programs on the same computer at the same time?  You can!

Here is a short video showing you how it works.



Using Scrapbook and Capture on Engage at the same time

This is seriously cool too.  With Engage in the middle you can make up to a 14' wide x 5'h interactive space.

One side is Scrapbook projected on the board and the other side is Capture using the wireless pens.  Check it out.