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Here is your fast way to find the products you are looking for. All of the products that we offer are represented here in their respective groups. To get to the section you are looking for follow the link on each section. We strive to make your purchasing from us as easy as possible, please let us know if we can do anything to make your experience easier.

eBeam Edge

eBeam EdgeThis is the powerhouse of the eBeam line up. eBeam Edge allows you to create interactive spaces by easily adding the receiver to the surface and installing the software.

eBeam Engage

eBeam EngageeBeam Engage is a classroom focused product that allows you to use the largest work area in the industry and includes features like a kick butt sound system.

eBeam Accessories, eBeam Edge Accessories and Parts

eBeam Capture Pack AccessoryeBeam Edge Storage CaseeBeam Edge Replacement Stylus

Here you will find the cool accessories and parts need to improve your work replace things that may need replacement


Equil Smartpen and Smartmarker

Equil Smartpen and SmartmarkerThese are two of the newest innovative products on the market. Smartpen and Smartmarker help you to communicate your ideas easily with everyone and then some. Using regular paper or your whiteboard area.

ASK Proxima Projectors

ASK Proxima ProjectorASK Proxima stays on the cutting edge with quality projectors that meet every need. From portable to short throw and large venue projectors, ASK Proxima covers the entire range.

eBeamRocks Bundles

eBeam Rocks BundleBy combining a group of products together we are able to offer you a better price than if you purchased them separately. We have four different bundles that include eBeam Edge Wireless options and projectors.