eBeamRocks Educational Pricing

All levels of education are important for the future of our country. All of us here at eBeamRocks want to do our part in getting the best technology into our schools and universities so the benefits can be experience students and educators.

We've developed our quantity pricing sheet which you can download from this page.  This will show the extra discount you can receive if you are ordering more than a single item of the main products:

  • eBeam Edge Plus USB
  • eBeam Edge Plus Wireless
  • eBeam Edge Plus Wireless Complete
  • eBeam Marker Pack

For our educational clients your pricing starts at the level of 2-5 units.

For this pricing you will need to contact us for ordering. We can still take a credit cards but will handle the order and processing in house not through this website.

As always if you have any questions please set up a chat, email or even call us. We know no one uses the phone anymore but we still have one so feel free to call us.


To download the PDF with Quantity Pricing CLICK HERE