Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the List of Questions That We Have Assembled.  

You will Find The Answers In This Order Farther Down The Page.

  1. What is eBeam?

  2. What are the different products?

  3. What do I need to set it up/use eBeam?

  4. Is it portable (how portable)?

  5. Does the software run on a MAC?

  6. Do I need a whiteboard?

  7. Do I need a projector?

  8. Can we pay by check (no CC)?

  9. How long does it take to get?

  10. Do I Pay for Shipping?

  11. Can I use my Tablet to run eBeam?

  12. Can I run other software?

  13. Do you offer Quantity Discounts?


  1. What is eBeam

  • eBeam is a technology that combines the hardware and software to turn any flat surface into an interactive environment. 
  • While typically used in whiteboard environment/situations, this product can be used on:
                             Whiteboards – wall hung or mobile
                             Whiteboard painted walls
                             Drywall – painted not with fabric wall covering
                             Computer monitors
                             Flat screen tvs
                             Table tops
    Virtually anywhere you can use dry erase markers or project an image with a projector – the key is that it has to be hard and flat for the hardware to work on it.


    1. What are the different products

    •  Edge – This is the starter for the product.  Edge is a small unit about 8”l x 1-5/8”w x ½”t. 
      • Edge is ultra portable in that you can take it with you almost anywhere, back pack, briefcase, purse, pocket.
      • Edge mounts to the surface either by its internal magnet – many white boards have a metal backing, or with the mounting strips that hang on the surface using either the 3M Command Strip tape or a suction cup mount (accessory).
      • Edge will be mounted on one of the 4 sides of the writing or projected surface.
      • Edge will create a maximum size work area of 5’ x 9’ with the 5’ dimension being along the long edge of the unit
      • If receiver is mounted to the side of the work area your area is 5’ high x 9’ wide
      • If receiver is mounted to the top or bottom edge of the area your work area is 5’ wide x 9’ high
    • Engage – Engage is the “Big Boy” unit.  Engage is 31-1/4”h x 2-1/4”w x 1-1/2’t.  While the unit is big it can also be portable, but we would suggest from room to room rather than on the road (but you could do          it if you wanted).
      • Engage mounts on the surface using two brackets.  These brackets can be mounted with 3M Command Strips or the provided magnetic brackets, if you have a metal backed board.
      • Because of the weight factor, when using the 3M Command Strips you will want the strips to set up for 30-45 min before attaching the Edge unit
      •  Engage will generally sit on the left, center or right side of the board.  While it could be used on the top or bottom, it was not really designed for that.
      •  Engage will create a maximum work area of 5’ x 7’ with the 5’ running the long side of the unit.
      •  Engage is unique in that you can run 2 programs with it simultaneously, a projected area on one side and a marker pen area on the opposite side, so you can take advantage of a large whiteboard or work space and fully utilize it.
      • Capture Pack – Capture Pack is the White Board Accessory available for either Edge or Engage.
        • With the Capture Pack you can turn your whiteboard space – either a standard whiteboard or whiteboard painted wall into an electronic copy board.
        • Capture Pack includes 4 color coded marker sleeves that your standard markers fit into.  4 are supplied initially. 
        • We suggest that you use the Bullet point markers as refills as the Chisel Point have a tendency to activate the marker sleeves prematurely.
        • An electronic eraser is also included with the Capture Pack
      1. What do I need to set it up/use eBeam?

      • With Edge you will need
        • A solid surface
        • Computer
        • Projector, monitor or TV if you want to share and work on your computer
        • No projector is required if you are using the Capture Pack and collecting just the images on your whiteboard
        • Your computer must have a USB port on it and running Windows, Mac or Linux operating system
      1. Is eBeam portable (how portable)?

        • Very portable
        • Edge will easily fit in a brief case, in fact we carry around the wireless unit with a battery pack attached for impromptu meetings where we want to share stuff and work in a group setting. 
        • The internal magnetic allows it to be placed on a metal backed white board and in the time it takes to turn on the computer, set up the projector you are ready to rock and roll with it.
        • Engage was not designed to be as portable, but it could be.  With the magnetic brackets this unit can also be set up and running in minutes.  The big difference is that the Engage unit MUST be connected to the computer via a USB cable (wireless is not an option) and plugged into an outlet, so you are limited on the distance you can be from the computer to the writing surface.  If the surface is not metal backed it will take a few minutes for the 3M Command Strip tapes to set up so that you don’t risk the unit falling off the wall
        • Does the software run on a MAC?

          • Yes, the software is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems
          1. Do I need a whiteboard?

            • No
            • The product can be used on any hard flat surface - see answer to #1 above.
          1. Do I need a projector?

            • No
            • With the Capture Pack accessory you can use the Edge and Engage units on a whiteboard type surface.  The Capture Pack allows you to capture all of the strokes, images, drawings etc that you draw on the surface and then allows you to manipulate them.
            1. Can we pay by check (no CC)?

              • Yes, but we require payment to be received prior to actual ordering.
              • We are also working on the option to pay electronically with a check so that you can speed up the ordering/shipping process.
              • If you are anticipating ordering multiple times we can go through a credit check process, this will delay your ability to order by a few days.
              1. How long does it take to get?

                • Typically the products are in stock either at our warehouse or the distribution warehouse.  If not the product should ship within 2 weeks of the order.  Shipping time from either the Midwest or California will vary depending on your location.
                1. Do I Pay for Shipping?

                  • No, not on the core eBeam products.  However on the misc parts and accessories we do charge shipping.
                  • Most of the other products from ELMO, ASK Proxima, Claridge have freight charges related to them.
                2. Can I use my Tablet to run eBeam?

                  • We have not tested the use of the tablets yet.  You do have to have a USB port to access the wireless units or connect to the Engage unit. 
                  • Providing the Tablet is running the Standard Windows operating system it should work. 
                  • The Mac version will not work on the iPad IOS system and since you don’t have a USB port you can’t connect.
                  1. Can I run other software?

                    • YES, YES, YES
                    • The beauty behind the eBeam products is that with the projector or TV / Monitor set up you are effectively turning this image into a large computer screen.  Imagine having a desktop image on a wall that is 9’wide and 5’ high – what could you do with that?  You are only limited by the image you can project.
                    • You can in this set up (with a projector) run any program that requires a mouse and keyboard (either the computers keyboard or onscreen keyboard that is available or the Wireless Keyboard) which pretty much covers every program that is out there.
                    • With the Wireless Keyboard / Mouse accessory you can also use this instead of the computer or on screen version.
                    1. Do you offer Quantity Discounts?

                      • Yes
                      • We have discounts available when you purchase more than 6 or more units. Contact us for more information.