eBeam Improves Your Business

eBeam Helps You Improve Your Business

From creating touch screen spaces to annotating desktop programs to recording your whiteboard details eBeam can revolutionize how you work in your business.

eBeam Edge's unique size and software allows you to create a touch screen space on any "hard' surface you can show your desktop.



  • Whiteboards
  • Drywall or any smooth wall surface
  • Whiteboard Painted walls
  • Glass Partitions
  • Computer Monitors
  • Flat Screen TVs
  • Table Tops (usually using an ultra short throw projector)

While the most popular use is on whiteboards, your options are wide and varied.  The only real condition is that the surface must be hard since you are writing on it with the stylus or pen.

Set up is simple.  As shown in this graphic these are the several ways the unit is set on the surface.

 What meetings or group events are used in your business:

           Staff meetings             Client meetings              Brainstorming sessions            Client Project Schedules

     Production meetings                Ideation meetings        Ad reviews                   Planning reviews  

            Graphic design                       Scheduling                 Product reviews                        Proposal development    

           Client presentations         Outlining                Research


Generally it is accepted that two or more minds can work better than one.  That is usually a reason why meetings are held.  The idea is to discuss, brainstorm, hash out, develop ideas and concepts, refine issues.

During these meetings as ideas flow notes are hopefully taken and then later distributed.  Whiteboards are used for expressing ideas and note taking.  Every business is different but in our experience virtually every business has a conference room where a whiteboard or other type of space is used for these purposes.


How Does eBeam Improve Your Business

 eBeam helps you to plan your meetings, capture your notes during the meetings and easily distribute them after in a variety of file formats.

 Simply, eBeam helps you to capture, organize, change and distribute your thoughts and notes.


Software Options

Besides the ability to run every program on your computer from your interactive space, which is awesome, there are 2 other programs that come with eBeam.


The first is Scrapbook.

Scrapbook is an electronic whiteboard. With Scrapbook you can:

     Draw            Highlight            Create Shapes            Add Text

     Insert Video            Insert Pictures            Add Hyperlinks            Take Screen Shots

     Create unlimited whiteboard screens            Duplicate Items            Duplicate Screens

     Record Audio And Video During Working Sessions            Create Custom Backgrounds

     Create Master Page Templates            Group Elements            Change Layers            Align Elements

     Annotate Desktop Programs and Capture Annotations Into Open Scrapbook File

     Conduct Group Meetings Sharing the Contents Of Your Open Scrapbook File

     Run PowerPoint Files from Within Scrapbook and Annotate and Save Annotations In The Existing File

     Crop and Alter Images After Placing Them On Pages            Record Video From Within Your Scrapbook File

     Import From Other Programs

     Save files in 9 different formats including PDF's          Work with the program outside of white boarding or meetings


The second is Capture

Capture is used when you are not projecting your desktop and only using the whiteboard.  When you insert the standard dry erase markers into the marker sleeves and write on the whiteboard all of the images you make on the whiteboard are immediately transferred to the Capture program.

After the stuff is on your computer the magic can happen.

Like  the Scrapbook program above you can:

     Copy          Paste          Duplicate          Add Text          Duplicate Pages

     Add Pages          Move items To Different Pages          Change Drawn Items          Add New Drawings To Pages

     Conduct On-line Meetings Sharing the Contents Of Pages          Allow Meeting Participants to View and Add to Pages

     Record Audio and Video During Working Sessions

     Save files in 9 different formats including PDF's          Work with the program outside of white boarding or meetings


We know this is going to save you time and hassle over your existing process.  But, we also know you may be skeptical.  Let's get together for an on-line demonstration where you can see the product in action, ask questions and experience who this can work for you.

Schedule a time by emailing us at:  mbrooks@ebeamrocks.com



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