Interactive Whiteboards by eBeam

eBeam makes interactive whiteboard technology easy and affordable.

What is an interactive whiteboard (white board)?

Good Question.

Interactive boards come in a variety of different styles and use.  They can be as simple as a plain whiteboard to a touch board that is activated by touching the surface with your finger or a pen stylus.  There are many manufacturers of them, we will be putting up a report soon on the variety of boards in the market.


Here is a very quick overview video of styles that you will find on the market.


Since we are loyal eBeamers we will confine this page to the education and discovery of what eBeam is and how it can help you.
eBeam is a unique technology that allows you to convert virtually any hard surface into an interactive board or surface.  The surface could be:

  • White board
  • Drywall surface
  • Glass surface
  • Desk top or table surface
  • Computer monitor
  • Big screen tv or monitor
Getting the idea?  This can be used almost anywhere.
If you are going to show your computer screen then you need to be able to project it or show it on a monitor.  If you are not going to use your computer screen, then pretty much anywhere you can use "dry erase" markers will do.
After attached the Edge Receiver to the surface, you connect it to your computer either through a USB cable or a Wireless connection, start the software, calibrate the surface and begin working.  The process may take 1-5 minutes depending on your comfort level and experience.
Now that you are connected what can you do?
  • Save all of your white board notes, drawings, doodles
  • Copy, paste, duplicate, group, ungroup, change layering of your work
  • Create hyperlinks to files in your computer, other pages in the drawings, web pages, etc.
  • Save, save in up to 9 different formats
  • Share the work, via email, upload to website, portals, shared servers - anywhere you would share your other work
  • Make recordings of your actions and voice while you are working
  • Conduct meeting through the program where you share the content of the board(s), voice sharing is not included, but there is if you need a service.
I hope you are getting the impression that you can do a lot with this, because your can.
Have you ever taken a picture of your whiteboard in order to share the information?  
Never again, use eBeam to share the intimate details of what you have developed.
Ever put a sign up on the board like 
Stop doing that to, because with eBeam you will have created an electronic version of the work so you can erase it once you are done.  Then save it, archive it, share it so that multiple copies exist and the information will never be lost.
And eBeam takes advantage of the equipment you may already own like:
  • Computer
  • Projector
  • Whiteboard, solid wall, monitor
It's portable, flexible, intuitive and easy to use.
Here are a couple of short videos that will help you understand the product.