Introducing eBeam Edge Plus

The NEW eBeam Edge Plus - Redesigned From The Inside Out

You may have heard of the eBeam Edge, the revolutionary tool that lets you create interactive spaces virtually anywhere you can show or project your desktop.


Now eBeam Edge Plus has arrived and the Plus is not just a word but a complete statement about how this new tool works and interacts with your daily life.

Just slightly larger than the old unit the Edge Plus still packs easily to carry anywhere you work or teach. 

With pick up sensors on both sides of the receiver you can now create a work space that is up to 16'w x 5' high, doubling what you had before.  


The stylus is now rechargeable so never mind having to carry around those pesky extra batteries. And, the buttons are marked indicating their use or function.

Edge Plus still comes in two flavors USB and Wireless. The Wireless version includes an internal rechargeable battery pack. Go wireless for now for more freedom in where and how you interact.

Edge Plus will bring a whole new level to all of your activities whether they are:

  • Design
  • Brainstorming
  • Production
  • Presentation
  • Teaching
  • Collaboration
  • Whatever style of meeting or teaching you engage in where ideas are shared and notes taken. . . so just about everything.

To see the new collection of eBeam Edge Plus Units go HERE

Let's talk soon,

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Founder and Chief Happiness Officer 
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