Project Management Tools


Project Management Tools

These tools are essential to developing and maintaining your projects so that end results and goals are achieved.  Many components make up any project whether it is as simple as designing a new form or designing a new building or plane.

Elements that need to be included are:

  • Communication
  • Information Exchange
  • Project Meetings
  • Note Taking, Transcribing & Distribution
  • Calendar Updates
  • Man Power or Labor Estimating
  • Brainstorming Note Taking, Transcribing & Distribution
  • Whiteboarding
  • Process Facilitation
  • Collaboration Meetings

There are countless programs and services that work to facilitate these project elements.  And one of the best to put into use is eBeam Edge.

eBeam Edge allows you to convert monitors, projected desktops, big screen tvs, tabletop, whiteboards and whiteboard painted walls into interactive spaces.

With eBeam Edge collaboration increases, brainstorming becomes a breeze, note taking and distribution become easy 1-2 steps processes so everyone has the information they need.

Take Your Tools On The Road

eBeam Edge is small compact and easy to use.  Set up takes 2-4 minutes depending on your equipment.  It easily fits in a briefcase, carry on bag, purse, computer case or get the nylon carrying case to protect and carry all of your tools.

Along with the powerful tool that is eBeam Edge it includes services that expand your abilities.  The program includes:

  • Screen Capture
  • Desk Top Recording
  • Whiteboard Screens (unlimited)
  • and countless others.

Another feature includes conducting on-line content meetings were you are can easily share the contents of your whiteboard screens whether electronic or physical whiteboards.

Check out the eBeam products HERE and take a look at our videos that we have showing you the products and training videos.