What Is eBeam Edge Really


 eBeam Edge is the easiest Tool To Create Smart Surfaces

A Smart Surface is one that is interactive, can be shared, viewed by multiple people or can be transmitted during a teaching or working session.

The Smart Surface though doesn't have to be electronic it can be as simple as a whiteboard or dry erase board or painted wall.


This simple device brings a whole lot of power to ALL of your interactions whether in the classroom, boardroom, training room or your office.

eBeam Edge let's you create smart surfaces virtually anywhere simply by adding the Edge Receiver to the surface and installing the software.

So what can be turned into a smart surface?

  • A Whiteboard
  • A Whiteboard Painted Wall
  • A Glass Wall
  • Any Dry Erase Board
  • Any Surface That Can Use Dry Erase Markers - like a table 
  • Flip Charts
  • Any Paper Surface You Might Use Markers On (must be Expo Markers)
  • A Flat Screen TV
  • A Computer Monitor
  • A Laptop Screen
  • A Surface where you use a projector (must be a hard surface)

I think this may cover 95% of the surfaces that are used in the Education and Business Settings

 When you add the eBeam Capture Pack to the eBeam Edge you create a kick butt tool that lets you capture everything you write on. From a traditional whiteboard to a glass board to a whiteboard table.

Sharing thoughts and ideas in a meeting is critical but if those ideas are caught up at someone's desk waiting to be transcribed or distributed the ideas languish as does the implementation.  eBeam Software like eBeam Scrapbook and eBeam Capture let you send out the files in their native format and up to 9 other formats including PDF and Vector PDF.

Notes need not be languishing anywhere any longer.  Get eBeam and achieve better interaction and follow through.

For as little as $649 you can get started with eBeam. At $999 you get the ability to easily create a simple share-able whiteboard all the way to a digital interactive projected surface. 

See all of the eBeam Products HERE. We've also developed a series of training videos so you can see how the product works and develop the skills to make the most of the product.