eBeam Edge USB - Model #46000870 - DISCONTINUED


The newer version eBeam Edge Plus USB can be found HERE

eBeam Edge Details

eBeam Edge is a simple, elegant and easy to use solution to your challenges of:

  • White Boarding
  • Teaching
  • Collaboration
  • Brainstorming
  • Planning
  • Scheming
  • Presenting

It's portable, it fits into a briefcase, purse or travel bag.

Easy to set up so you can use it in every meeting that you have whether local or while traveling.

Use it with your projector in front of a group

Use it with a flat screen tv or monitor with a smaller group

Use it on a flat surface

Use it on your white board when not projecting your computer's screen

The software is very Intuitive so that you are up and running quickly.

Capture Everything

Never let great ideas and plans get away again.

Edge allows you to capture all of your ideas, diagrams, plans, notes, etc.

Plus - Included with the program:Record all of the drawings and conversations that occur while you are working with eBeam.With the recording feature you can record all of your client presentations and then send them a copy.

Imagine the impact you could have when they get their copy before they get back to the office!

For teachers the recording becomes a wonderful tool to help students grasp difficult concepts.

With the editing tools you can copy, paste, group, ungroup and layer items.

Duplicate and alter any of the items you have drawn whether connected to the eBeam receiver or not.The program works wonderfully as a stand alone whiteboarding tool even without the white board.

Also, conduct on-line meeting and share the contents of your program. Up to 25 people can attend - and its FREE.You must provide your own voice system.

eBeam Extras

The USB model requires a direct connection to your computer.  USB Cable is provided and can be extended with your own cables.Resources:Check out the demonstration video to see how eBeam works.Here is a brochure on Edge

Edge USB Includes

1 - eBeam Edge USB Receiver

1 - eBeam Edge Interactive Stylus

1 - Mounting Plates

1 - Software CD

1 - 15" USB Cable

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