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Making Interactivity Simple And Affordable

Creating interactive and collaborative spaces has never been easier with eBeam Edge Wireless.  Whether you want to convert a whiteboard so you can capture all of the details you are writing.  Or, take a monitor or flat screen tv where you are showing your desktop and make it interactive, eBeam Edge Wireless does it easily and affordably.

eBeam Edge Wireless is simply the easiest tool to create interactive whiteboards and interactive environments.

eBeam Edge Details

With the benefit of a wireless connection between eBeam Edge Wireless and your computer you can create touch screens and interactive environments pretty much on any hard flat surface.

When you are showing your desktop on a whiteboard with a projector use eBeam Edge.

If you are a teacher and need to easily share ideas and lesson plans then use eBeam Edge.

If you are presenting a sales presentation and projecting the plan on a wall use eBeam Edge where you can annotate your presentation easily and record everything that is going on.  How cool would it be to send your client a detailed followup that included a recording of the presentation?  Think that would help you close the sale quicker?

eBeam is simple, easy and affordable.

With a quick learning curve anyone can be using eBeam Edge and the Scrapbook software fast.  We've included a series of video tutorials that will help you power through the training. You can access them through the menu at the top or click here to get to the Video Training.

eBeam is the best tool to use when you need to:

  • Create an interactive whiteboard
  • Teach
  • Collaborate
  • Brainstorm
  • Plan
  • Scheme
  • Present

It's small and portable, it fits into a briefcase, purse or travel bag.

Easy to set up so you can use it in every meeting that you have whether local or while traveling.

Capture Everything

Never let great ideas and plans get away again.

Edge allows you to capture all of your ideas, diagrams, plans, notes, etc.

Plus - Included with the program:Record all of the drawings and conversations that occur while you are working with eBeam.With the recording feature you can record all of your client presentations and then send them a copy.

Imagine the impact you could have when they get their copy before they get back to the office!

For teachers the recording becomes a wonderful tool to help students grasp difficult concepts.

With the editing tools you can copy, paste, group, ungroup and layer items.

Duplicate and alter any of the items you have drawn whether connected to the eBeam receiver or not.The program works wonderfully as a stand alone whiteboarding tool even without the white board.

Also, conduct on-line meetings and share the contents of your program. Up to 25 people can attend - and its FREE.You must provide your own voice system.

With eBeam Wireless Edge version you will be un-tethered from your computer so that you can easily work with the unit from across the room or even down the hall.


The Wireless model connects to your computer with supplied wireless USB adapter.  Range is up to 30 meters from the computer.

Here's what you get

eBeam Edge Wireless Receiver
eBeam Edge Interactive Stylus
Mounting Plates
USB Power Adapter
Software CD
15’ USB Cable

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