eBeam Smartpen2

Write Your Notes on Regular Paper and Instantly See Them Show Up on Your Device

What Equil SmartPen started Equil SmartPen2 takes to a whole new level.

SmartPen2 connects to:

  • iPhone (App Store Download)
  • iPad (App Store Download)
  • MAC Computers (App Store Download)
  • Windows Computers (Down load link in software tab)
  • Android Devices (Playstore Download)

SmartPen2 also provides the ability to take notes when you are not connected to your devices and then upload them when you get connected.  Both the Pen and the Receiver have memory in them that can allow you to capture hours of notes, hundreds of notes and then move them to the devices later.

The software is FREE through the Itunes Store or a Windows Download (available for 32 and 64 bit computers)

The two software options are:

Equilnote - used for note taking and basic drawings

EquilSketch - expanded features for drawing / editing



Here are some of the great features that are included with the Equil Smartpen2
 - Take notes without being connected to your device and transfer later
 - Use the pen on ANY type of paper.  Standard size is Letter (US) and A4 (Europe)
 - Paper can be up to: 250mm x 330mm (9.85 x 13 inches)
 - Pen pressure is adjustable to insure your writing style and paper works with the Equil Smartpen
 - Use pen for up to 8 hours on a charge, recharge in 2 hours
 - Standard ink pen refill available at most office supply stores
 - Transfer your documents through iCloud or Dropbox
 - Share docs on Evernote
 - Share docs on Facebook and Twitter from within the APP
 - Save and send docs as PDF
 - Change and edit your documents after you have captured them
  • Add & Delete Pages
  • Add Typed Text
  • Add drawings within the digital file
  • Add Pictures, Sounds and Maps to your docs
  • Set or Take photos as the background of your doc
  • Lock your doc to prevent changes
  • Select which documents to synch with the cloud

In Equilsketch (currently available for Apple only - not Windows) you can also:

  • Show grid paper for more accurate editing
  • Create layers, enlarge & downsize and move layers
  • Draw with pencil, pen, brushes, crayon, highligher, marker, dropper
  • Adjust the size of the tip and opacity of the strokes
  • Add shapes
  • Change colors, set up your standard colors


What's in the box

Equil Smartpen2
  • Triangular Case with integrated charging
  • USB Cable
  • Smartpen
  • Pen Cap
  • Bluetooth Receiver
  • Extra Pen Refill (extras can be purchased at any office supply store)



Here's a link that will get you to ALL of the Apps versions

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