Smartmarker Basic - Model #M300A9000010 - ON SALE NOW


Frustrated because you can't take you whiteboard or flipchart notes with you?

End your frustration here with Smartmarker Basic.

Smartmarker takes sharing your whiteboards and flipcharts to a whole new level. Put away the camera, forget about transcribing notes on the fly. With Smartmaker everything you write is saved and transmitted to your favorite device:

  • iPhone (App Store Download)
  • iPad (App Store Download)
  • MAC Computers (App Store Download)
  • Windows Computers (Down load link in software tab)
  • Android Devices (Playstore Download)

Check out what's "in the box" by watching this short video.

Smartmarker is compact, portable, wireless, sets up in seconds. You will discover a whole new world of sharing your ideas. 

Try streaming your sessions while you're working at the whiteboard to anyone with internet access and it doesn't matter what type of device they're on. Easily share your notes with users on DropBox, Evernote and your iCloud users.

Once you have your notes on your device you can edit them, use handwriting recognition to change writing to text, copy duplicate, paste, and delete. Add images and save in different formats for distribution as you need to.

Equilnote - Is the FREE software that runs on your devices and captures all of the images you make.


Here are some of the great features that are included with the Equil Smartmarker
 - Take notes without being connected to your device and transfer later (up to 1000 pages)
 - Use different types of markers inside the digital sleeve
 - Capture a space up to 16' wide and 5'
 - Use Smartmarker and receiver for up to 8 hours on a charge, recharge in 2-3 hours
 - Transfer your documents through iCloud, Dropbox or Evernote
 - Share docs on Facebook and Twitter from within the APP
 - Save and send docs as PDF
 - Change and edit your documents after you have captured them
  • Add & Delete Pages
  • Add Typed Text
  • Add drawings within the digital file
  • Add Pictures, Sounds and Maps to your docs
  • Set or Take photos as the background of your doc
  • Lock your doc to prevent changes
  • Select which documents to sync with the cloud


    What's in the box

    Smartmarker Basic
    • Smartmarker Marker Sleeve with black Expo Marker
    • Smartmarker Sensor / Receiver with 2 mounting plates
    • Smartmarker Wireless Dongle
    • USB Power Adapter
    • USB data / synch / power cable - 3m long
    • 3 International power adapter plugs
    • User Manual & Quick Start guide



    Here's a link that will get you to ALL of the Apps versions

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